What is a Wildflower?

A Wildflower is a term that we have redefined. 


Wildflowers, in the most literal sense, are flowers that grow freely without the intervention of a human. They are typically seen as weeds that are not normally celebrated in today's society, compared to flowers such as roses that are considered to be the most beautiful.

A person who is described as a Wildflower is someone who lets go of who they're "supposed" to be and embraces who they truly are. They are free-spirited and have a head filled with dreams. They live a life of adventure and have a thing for beauty and an open mind. People may tell a Wildflower that they're going the wrong way when it's simply a way of their own.

There is a Japanese aesthetic called Wabi-Sabi, which is described as there being beauty in imperfection and simplicity. To us, there is no one, solid definition of "love," "beauty," or even "wedding." We must not bind ourselves and each other within the constraints of social binaries: the "“You’re either this, or you’re that. If you’re neither, you are wrong."

Don't get us wrong, we are always fans of tradition -- but we're not afraid to subvert it then and again, especially when we can create a fresh take on the old. In fact, it was Queen Victoria, who in 1840, wore white on her wedding day when color was considered the norm and who was also the first to carry flowers down the aisle instead of herbs. It all starts somewhere.

The Wildflowers nurtures all that is authentic. If to you, a perfect birthday party means no birthday cake or to you, a perfect wedding means eloping in a Valentino ball gown, all power to you. In fact, we love those ideas. When there are others who question you, ("it's not a birthday party without birthday cake," or "it's not a wedding without a soaring guest count," -- binaries!) we will be here to support and celebrate your biggest dreams and turn them into reality. We want to celebrate the most authentic you there is.

We are The Wildflowers. The Dreamers and the Doers.


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