7 Wedding Favor Ideas for the Wildflower Bride

A Wildflower bride knows that the presence of her guests is one of the most special parts of her big day, so she'll likely want to thank them with a delicate and delightful gift. Here, find inspiration from these standout favors that guests will actually cherish long after your reception.

Matchbox | We're sure we speak for all of your guests when we say that matchboxes (or anything, really) with your names, initials, or wedding date will not be kept too long after the celebration is over. However, Shandell's makes beautifully designed matchboxes that are perfect for any living room, whether they have candles to light or not. | Shandell's Botanical Matchbox

Wedding Favors: Shandell's matchboxes | follow us on Instagram @ thewildflowers.events

Painted Cookies | These artisanal desserts can reflect your wedding aesthetic or environment. Choose custom artwork with flowers, landscapes, or even patterns that match your palette. | Maggie Austin 

Wedding Favors: painted cookies by Maggie Austin | follow us on Instagram @ thewildflowers.events

Custom Embroidered Mini Sachets | Tiny reminders of your day, sachets or mini pillows with custom embroidery are beautiful favors guests will happily display in their homes. | Coral and Tusk 

Wedding Favors: custom embroidered sachets | follow us on Instagram @ thewildflowers.events

Handmade Soap | Moisturizing and lovely-smelling soaps are gifts your guests will truly savor. These handmade soaps contain shea butter and olive oil, and come in scents like rose, orange blossom, and tuberose, all naturally made with essential oils. | Senteurs Dโ€™Orient

Wedding Favors: scented soaps | follow us on Instagram @ thewildflowers.events

Songbirds | These antique cages can house singing canaries for a lovely and memorable gift for a more intimate guest list. | 1st Dibs

Wedding Favors: songbird cages | follow us on Instagram @ thewildflowers.events

Potted Rosemary Topiary | Not only is the favor aromatherapeutic, but also useful, as guests can grow these effortlessly. | Terrain

Wedding Favors: potted rosemary | follow us on Instagram @ thewildflowers.events

Charity Donation | For wildflower brides seeking to make a difference, consider using donations to your favorite charity as favors. Guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness of gifts in their name, and will feel good about the impact their favor makes. | Rare Audrey Hepburn

Wedding Favors: charity donations | follow us on Instagram @ thewildflowers.events

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