Honeymoon Destinations for the Wildflower Bride

We at The Wildflowers love exploring the world. Here are our recommendations for a memorable and chic honeymoon, including our favorite pieces we'd be sure to pack.

Packing inspiration: a lemondrop dress à la Grace Kelly ( Alexander McQueen ); white sunglasses ( Saint Laurent ); silk thread earrings ( REBECCA DE RAVENEL ); a retro silhouette swimsuit ( Dolce & Gabbana ); lace-up espadrilles ( Soludos ); a long-wear lipstick ( Chanel ).

Packing inspiration: a lemondrop dress à la Grace Kelly (Alexander McQueen); white sunglasses (Saint Laurent); silk thread earrings (REBECCA DE RAVENEL); a retro silhouette swimsuit (Dolce & Gabbana); lace-up espadrilles (Soludos); a long-wear lipstick (Chanel).


Home of glamorous beach towns like Saint-Tropez, Nice, and Cannes, the French Riviera is a hot spot for chic French girls and tourists alike. Old Hollywood adored the South of France, and set beloved movies like To Catch a Thief on its pristine white beaches. Enjoy the shade of palm trees and the bright French sun, while also immersing yourself in one of Europe's most celebrated coastal cultures.

Packing inspiration: dark sunglasses to fend off the Atlantic sun ( Celine ); a palm-leaf-print dress ( Dolce & Gabbana ); carefree hammered gold rings ( Carolina Bucci) ; a classic white coverup ( Adriana Degreas ); a vibrant swimsuit ( Marysia ); a classic wicker bag ( Mark Cross ); nourishing body oil ( Rodin ).

Packing inspiration: dark sunglasses to fend off the Atlantic sun (Celine); a palm-leaf-print dress (Dolce & Gabbana); carefree hammered gold rings (Carolina Bucci); a classic white coverup (Adriana Degreas); a vibrant swimsuit (Marysia); a classic wicker bag (Mark Cross); nourishing body oil (Rodin).


Few destinations can rival The Bahamas' warm, inviting and mellow feel. Made up of several islands in a chain, the area isn't short on caves and beaches to explore. The biggest perk is the ample seclusion honeymooning couples can enjoy: choose a nearly private villa or hotel on the beach, and enjoy moonlight walks and each other's company in uninterrupted and gorgeous seclusion.

Packing inspiration: off-the-shoulder blouse ( Equipment ); crisp white jeans ( M.I.H. Jeans) ; a vibrant scarf ( Gucci ); moisturizing lotion ( Diptyque) ; slip-on sandals ( ATP Atelier ); a goes-with-everything dress ( Stella McCartney) . 

Packing inspiration: off-the-shoulder blouse (Equipment); crisp white jeans (M.I.H. Jeans); a vibrant scarf (Gucci); moisturizing lotion (Diptyque); slip-on sandals (ATP Atelier); a goes-with-everything dress (Stella McCartney)


Beloved wildflower Audrey Hepburn starred in Roman Holiday, and not much is more romantic than her Italian adventures and forbidden love. Channel Audrey in classic styles as you tour Italy on foot (or Vespa!) and blend a tourist itinerary with off-the-beaten-path cafes, shops and boutique hotels. 

Packing inspiration: flat sandals ( Ancient Greek Sandals ); a scarf for covering hair where necessary ( Rag & Bone ); earrings to dress up day dresses ( Ben-Amun ); a floor-length modest yet chic dress ( Maje ).

Packing inspiration: flat sandals (Ancient Greek Sandals); a scarf for covering hair where necessary (Rag & Bone); earrings to dress up day dresses (Ben-Amun); a floor-length modest yet chic dress (Maje).


Morocco's intoxicating cities like Marrakech are brimming with open-air markets, tiny restaurants, and resorts with hazy palm tree-filled horizons. Take in the medina, the old part of Marrakech still surrounded by sand-colored walls, or explore the country's rich art history.


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