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The Prettiest Wedding Flowers

While it feels as though there are endless amounts of blooms to choose from for your wedding day, below is a curated list of flowers that truly have unbounded beauty. Do remember to speak to your florist about availability and fragility and understand that florists cannot 100% guarantee a specific floral type. Though, a good florist will do everything they can to find the exact, if not, similar, type of bloom that you love.

Lily of the Valley

lily of the valley wedding flowers florals

A very classical and delicate beauty, adorned by the likes of Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton on their wedding day, Lily of the Valley exudes pure elegance. A clutch of flowers that serves as the perfect petite accessory to your gown.

Koko Loko Rose

koko loko rose wedding flowers florals

This mauve hue is like no other in sight. Others tend to lean too blush or too violet, while the Koko Loko rose is pluperfect when it comes to my favorite color.


ranunculus wedding flowers florals

With this particular tomer picotee variety, it’s as almost if a fluffy white ranunculus was delicately hand-dipped into a violet paint to create this stunning bloom.

Canterbury Bells

canterbury bells wedding flowers florals

These beautiful bells remind me of the English countryside or what you’d expect to line an English garden. These are perfect for aisle flowers or taller arrangements.

Butterfly Ranunculus

japanese butterfly ranunculus wedding flowers florals

A unique variety of the ranunculus, these have been my favorite blooms as of late. Their precious pink centers look as if they were painted on with watercolor and their petals ruffle like thin silk.


delphinium wedding flowers floral

These sweet-scented blooms come in some of my favorite painterly colors and, along with the Canterbury Bells, are perfect for aisle flowers and taller arrangements.


tweedia wedding flowers floral

Blue is such a difficult color, but Tweedia truly nails the sky hue in the cluster-full.


lisianthus wedding flowers florals

Sweet and delicate, Lisianthus is a soft, classical flower that usually comes with a few bulbs per stem.


muscari wedding flowers florals

These little ones are the sweetest addition to any arrangement, but they can truly thrive on their own in a collection of bud vases.


jasmine vine wedding flowers florals

This vine is so delicate and makes for a great addition to a Head Table garland centerpiece, which can trail off the ends of the table effortlessly.


lilac wedding flowers florals

Aside from Roses, there is no flower as aromatic as Lilacs. Of the two, Lilacs have a stronger scent that carries quite a distance, so they give a little bit more of a true experience for your guests when lilacs are part of the centerpieces.


dogwood wedding flowers florals

These are the delicate, flowering branches of Dogwood Trees, which bloom in April and May.

Sweet Pea

sweet pea wedding flowers florals

These little flutters are so precious to add as accents in arrangements or bud vase collections.

Majolica Spray Rose

These spray roses usually give at least 3 buds per stem and are a petite size, perfect to add as clusters together.

Francis Meilland Rose

A true beauty. A hyrbid tea rose with a very large bloom and strong fragrance. The perfect pearl pink and a classically tall stem, perfect for arrangements and bouquets.


camellia wedding flowers florals

The lovely waxen blooms of the camellia have for years been the symbol of southern elegance. There are nothing like Camellia petals. They are so perfectly round and so precious.

Cosmos Apricot Lemonade

A silky soft palette of unique color combinations has made apricot lemonade one of the most highly sought after flowers. A truly whimsical display of buttery lemon, pink and apricot.

Queen Anne’s Lace

Both Anne, Queen of Great Britain, and her great grandmother, Anne of Denmark, are taken to be the Queen Anne for whom the plant is named. It is so called because the flower resembles lace, prominent in fine clothing of the day; the red flower in the center is thought to represent a blood droplet where Queen Anne pricked herself with a needle when she was making the lace.


hellebores wedding flowers florals

A different variety of the buttercup family, these blooms showcase a pretty magenta, chartreuse, or cream hue and their flexible stems add organic movement to any arrangement or bouquet.

Japanese Anemone

japanese anemone wedding flowers florals

Unlikes the traditional anemone, these blooms have a yellow and chartreuse center instead of dark blue, which is perfect for late summertime when they bloom.

Swans Wings / Frilled Tulips

swans wings fringed tulips wedding flowers florals

A lovely tulip exhibiting pure white flowers delicately fringed at the end, just like the feathers of a swan.

Bridal Wreath Spirea

bridal wreath spirea wedding flowers florals

Bridal Wreath Spirea grows in a mound of gracefully arching branches. The cluster of white blooms are the perfect base for all arrangements to give them the shape you desire.

Icelandic Poppy

Poppies are such happy flowers and these Icelandic versions bloom so big!


hydrangea wedding flowers florals

A classic staple for any southern wedding.

Tree Peony

tree peony wedding flowers florals

A twist on the widely popular peony with different foliage.


lavender wedding flowers florals

Smells as beautiful as they look and perfect to add as filler.


dahlia wedding flowers florals

The mille feuille of flowers, dahlias are special for their tiny little petals.

Distant Drums Rose

distant drums rose wedding flowers florals

Not only such a beautiful shape, this rose has the most beautiful and vibrant sunset colors.


phlox wedding flowers florals

Precious to add as filler to create a whimsical arrangement.


Petite little flowers that are so unique and come in beautiful, warm hues.


stephanotis wedding flowers florals

Delicate and feminine, stephanotis in clusters add a bit of romance.

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