How to Select your Bridesmaids’ Dresses

pastel bridesmaid dresses

Fewer things about wedding planning seem more daunting than selecting bridesmaids’ dresses. Though a bridal party is comprised of one’s most cherished friends and family, the variety of personalities, personal styles, and body shapes can make choosing a universally flattering gown nearly impossible. But choosing a dress or collection of dresses doesn’t have to be difficult — here are our best tips for picking the perfect silhouette for your wildflower bridesmaids.

·       Emphasize waistlines. Whether you choose an empire waist, a ruched waist, or an A-line, you’ll want to highlight the narrowest part of your bridesmaids.

·       Choose a great fabric. Nothing cheapens a look like low quality fabric. Go with matte, as less shine is more flattering, especially with camera flashes. A quality fabric will drape better and look better both in person and in photographs.

·       Longer is better. Especially if you are dealing with a variety of body types and heights, a floor-length gown looks more universal and tasteful than an above-the-knee that will hit each girl at a different place.

·       Consider skin tones. You’ll likely want to rule out colors that will wash out some of your bridal party.

·       Take great care to choose a dress that makes every girl feel comfortable and beautiful. While of course it’s your wedding and your aesthetic, you should try your best to choose a dress your bridesmaids love just as much as you do. It’ll show in the way they carry themselves during the ceremony and in the wedding photos and their confidence will elevate the look tenfold.

·       Choose a palette of just a few hues, and let your bridesmaids find their own dresses. This option is certainly not for the type-A bride, and if you’d rather hand-select each dress, we wouldn’t blame you! But, if you’re the sort who is a people pleaser above all else, or you value the perfection in imperfection, you may want to give your girls a few color swatches to choose from and let them have free rein on dress selection. With this option, you’ll still be able to monitor their selection process, but allow them to choose silhouettes and fits that they feel most comfortable wearing. If you’re catering to several body types, this can be an especially good choice, as sometimes it’s better for each girl to wear something flattering than to attempt to find a unified, yet individually flawed look.

·       If you have rules or wishes, make them known! Don’t want strapless dresses? Prefer no embellishments? Let your bridesmaids know before they start their search to make the process smoother for everyone. Make sure to be very clear with your communication here.

·       Choose from the same designer or collection. That way, the fitting and fabrics will be similar, making alterations easier.

·       Curate a selection for your maids to choose from. You’ll have almost as much control as if you only selected one dress, but you’ll give each girl the autonomy to select what makes her most comfortable. This will help the entire bridal party look and feel confident.

·       Complete the bridesmaids’ looks by asking each to wear the same shoes, jewelry, or hairstyle. You’ll maintain a sense of cohesiveness while still allowing for some variation.







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