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How to Stay Calm on Your Wedding Day

Photo by Kayla Barker

As a wedding planner and former bride-to-be, everything on my wedding day was perfectly planned to a recovering-perfectionist-T. Still, I was stressed about the one thing I tell my couples not to be stressed about: weather. It goes to show that no matter how perfect everything has been planned, there still can be things left out of your control that can attempt to turn a beautiful day into an anxiety attack. After a morning massage, a bit of breath work, some time alone, and a call from my husband-to-be, I felt at ease again. Below are a few key tricks to beating those “something blues.”

Think positive

Visualize the best possible outcome. Picture yourself walking down the aisle, enjoying your first dance, or taking photos as husband and wife. The power of positive thinking should help to make you excited instead of nervous.

Take time for yourself

When your wedding day begins to feel chaotic, step away for a few minutes and enjoy alone time. Take a walk, have some tea, or listen to music.

Meditate or do yoga

Practice deep breathing, be mindful of your thoughts and emotions, or even adopt a calming mantra. Give yourself a moment to just sit and unwind. Yoga is a great way to de-stress and makes for a fun bridal party activity the morning of the wedding.

Delegate tasks

Your wedding planner will take care of tiny details, but feel free to assign specific tasks to family members or bridesmaids, whether it be helping the flower girl get ready or helping you practice your vows.

Be flexible

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Embrace the unplanned surprises you can’t control. Ten years from now you’ll remember the feeling of joy you had on your wedding day, not any minor issues.

Stock an emergency kit

Your wedding planner should provide this for you, but if not, remember to pack a bag with essentials like tissues, stain remover, safety pins, perfume, mints, and anything else you might need.

Pamper yourself

Our favorite wildflower aromas are lavender, rose, and gardenia. From essential oils to scented candles, these pretty scents can help calm your nerves and make your brides’ room smell gorgeous. Or, for true relaxation, get a massage or a manicure on the morning of your wedding day.

Pop some champagne

This is your day to celebrate! Have a glass of champagne with your bridesmaids and say cheers to your big day.

Stay connected with your fiancé

Most important of all, remember to cherish your relationship, and reflect on what brought you to this day. You could choose to spend the wedding morning together, do a first look, or just leave the reception for a quiet minute to focus on each other. Any time you’re feeling overwhelmed, just think back to your first date or the moment he proposed.

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