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Weekly Wedding Etiquette: Is it Ever Okay to Wear White to a Wedding?

The answer is simply no.

I usually receive a follow up question asking, “but what if there is a pattern or other color in it?” Still, no. There are many other colors to choose from and it truly is easy to avoid.

There’s only one scenario in which it’s okay to wear white to a wedding and that’s when the couple specifically requests it, which should be stated on the invitation or if the bride chooses her bridal party to don all white, which can be really beautiful.

If you’re second guessing a cream, blush, or champagne hue, I suggest choosing another option to be safe. Even if you mean no disrespect, the act itself can give off the impression that you are trying to draw attention to yourself and away from the bride.

Below are some great suggestions for wedding guest attire that you’ll never have to second guess.

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